Print/Advertising: Writing

Woo Agency, Entertainment and Product lines (Samsung)                                          Freelance since 9/2013

Disney Channel, Entertainment copy, Branding copy (Jonas Brothers)                   Freelance since 6/2008

30sixty advertising+design, Entertainment copy (DVDs, Banners, In-store)      Freelance since 8/2002

Showtime Magazine, Music and restaurant reviews                                                   Freelance since 3/2001

Grey Direct Advertising, Concepting (City National)                                                  Employed 6/2000–5/2001

Valley Scene Magazine, Entertainment and film festival coverage                           Freelance since 10/2007


Proofreading/Copy Editing, Ad Agencies:

Guthy-Renker, Beauty                                                                                                           Freelance since 2005

UCLA, Anderson School of Business, Business                                                         Freelance since 2012

Disney Channel, Disney/ABC Cable Networks Group                                                   Freelance since 2008

Grizzard Agency, Direct (Union Rescue, Salvation Army, Prostate Foundation)    Freelance since 2009

Brierley+Partners, Direct marketing (Borders, Hertz, Hilton, Sony)                        Freelance since 2008

The Kern Organization, Direct Marketing (DIRECTV, SAP, VeriSign)                    Freelance since 2007

Hamagami/Carroll, Branding/Entertainment (Vivendi Universal, Mattel)             Freelance since 2006

30sixty advertising+design, Entertainment (Sony, Paramount, Walmart)            Freelance since 2002

Knock Knock, Design/Products                                                                                       Freelance 2004–2005

OIC, Brand marketing (Disney/ABC, Intel, Sun Microsystems, AT&T)                         Freelance 2002–2007

Grey Direct Advertising, Direct mail (Microsoft, Auto Club, L.A. Times)               Employed 6/2000–5/2001

CBS Broadcasting, Press releases for CBS news & entertainment and AP                Employed 5/1999–3/2000


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