Script Services

ShebaRoman Films offers services to Writers, Producers and Directors.

For Producers and Directors, it’s the opportunity to have their ideas developed into a treatment, screenplay or teleplay with a WGA writer.

For Writers, it’s a chance for one-on-one sessions to get the script ready!



Story Development and Consultation

Comprehensive Script and Story Analysis

Script Coaching is like a Master Class in screenwriting – Graduate School for one. With Script Coaching, you and I delve into every screenwriting aspect of your script: concept, sequence, structure, scenes, action description, character development, dialogue and more. Here, depending on your preference, I’ll hand-hold you every step of the way or let you sprint as fast as you can, while helping you hone your project, from inception (or current draft) to the completion of a polished, ready-for-market script. I’m available for brainstorming sessions and to review two drafts. I provide feedback along the way via notes, email, phone, video-conference, and, depending on geography, in person. Whereas script consulting is usually a solid rote monologue process, Script Coaching provides “in-the-moment” progress through a much more dynamic, energizing and inspiring dialogue. We move beyond static notes and tap into a creative synergy. Because I’m your champion over time, I tailor our work to your individual learning style and shepherd your script and writing to their highest level.

Rates available upon request.
(approximately 25 to 30 hours of my undivided attention)

This service is 1 to 3 pages of studio-style coverage (without the story summary) that addresses general concerns such as structure, pacing, commercial aspects, and characters. You may also choose to substitute the written notes for a 20- to 30-minute phone conversation about any topic relating to the script. This service will not necessarily help you fix these problems; it will simply point out areas where production companies or studios might find fault. Consider this service as a litmus test. If your script is fantastic and ready to send out, this service will let you know. If your script needs work this service will highlight the problems, but it won’t guide you to their solutions.

You may also ask how my Script Coaching service could benefit your script. If you choose to use Script Coaching on the script, you can apply the Basic Coverage fee toward the price.

Rates available upon request.

Both levels of script analysis – Comprehensive and Professional – provide feedback for your rewrite. You will receive notes on structure, character, story, pace, subplots, theme, dialogue, marketability, and action description. I will even edit a page as a sample to suggest a more efficient prose style. This service averages 9 to 14 pages of notes, which include several pages of comments on individual pages plus a several-page essay on big-picture concerns. I offer solutions for most problems that I point out. The Comprehensive Script Analysis includes a 20-minute phone call that allows you to clarify any topics, brainstorm solutions, or ask specific questions.

Rates available upon request.

Professional Script Analysis includes everything the Comprehensive Script Analysis provides but averages 12 to 22* pages of notes. Whereas at the Comprehensive level I will show you how to rewrite or make cuts to a few scenes, at the Professional level I can give several of your scenes individual attention. Besides improving your script, the detail and specificity of Professional Script Analysis will improve your writing forever. My favorite mode of working is the coaching model, with back-and-forth dialogue. This extensive and expansive set of notes is the next best thing. I will raise your standards for your own material and then productively overwhelm you with ideas on how to raise your script to meet them. If you want to bring a script “all the way home” with analysis and attention unlike you’ve ever received from a reader, teacher, or mentor, then Professional Script Analysis is for you.

Rates available upon request.

I will analyze your treatment (double-spaced, 10 pages or fewer) or synopsis for a feature-length screenplay. This service usually includes up to 5 pages of notes, questions, and suggestions along with a 15- to 20-minute phone call to discuss ideas and brainstorm solutions. This analysis lends itself to more genre- and story-driven ideas.

Rates available upon request.

Not only will I guide you every step of the way through revisions and rewrites, but I’ll also track your writing patterns and correct recurring bad habits. This is an amazing way to hone your craft, refine your voice and fast-forward your growth as a writer. Where Script Coaching gives you my attention and insights for the duration of one screenplay, Mentoring gives you that micro approach for both projects, plus a macro view on your writing in general.

Rates available upon request.
(Approximately 50 to 55 hours of my undivided attention)


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